Farm Yard


The next time you’re at Craft Hall, be sure to go outside and visit our Farm Yard, located right across from the main entrance. Order a beer and food at the bar and eat it at our outdoor tables, and be sure to say hello to our chickens and rabbits! Read below to learn about the distinct personalities of Craft Hall’s feathery and furry friends.

Please note that alcoholic beverages except for beer are NOT permitted inside the Farm Yard.

The well-being of our furry and feathery friends is extremely important to us. We have staff members with experience caring for farm animals, who are responsible for cleaning the cages and providing the animals with fresh food and water daily. The rabbit hutch is equipped with fans for cooling, and we will always relocate the animals indoors during severe weather.





Beyonce is the alpha chicken of the pack. This sassy lady keeps a close watch over the coop and will be the first to greet you when you walk up to the cage. She’s even tried to escape a couple of times...we think that she’s just curious to answer the question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Blue Ivy.jpg

Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy looks just like a mini clone of Beyonce, and is always found by her side. She’s still fairly reserved and quiet, but is eager to learn about the world around her.



Dory rarely ever stops talking. If you’ve seen Finding Nemo, you’ll know where we got the name! She loves her vegetables and is 100% on board with the kale trend.



Sonic has a lot of energy and can usually be found frantically running in circles around the coop. Picture a five year old that just ate an entire bag of Halloween candy.

Chicken Little.jpg

Chicken Little

Chicken Little is one of the quieter chickens of the far. We think she’s planning a big adventure, so stay tuned!

Ruth Bader Ginsbird.jpg

Ruth Bader Ginsbird

Ruth Bader Ginsbird is a highly intelligent little lady. She’s calm and collected, and wants all the other chickens to be open, honest, and accepting.



What would chickens be without Waffles? She’s very protective of the eggs, and you can usually find her keeping guard over the newest hatches.

Lady Jane Grey.jpg

Lady Jane Grey

Quiet, mysterious, and noble, Lady Jane Grey usually prefers to stay hidden from public view. You’ll likely only catch a glimpse of her during feeding time.





Jim is the most friendly and playful of the three rabbits. He loves to chase his brothers around, and generally does whatever he wants. He likes to consider himself the alpha bun, but the other two are a little reluctant to accept him as their leader.



Dan is a chill dude who loves being pet and fed. He’ll sit right by your side and lick your feet when you feed him. He enjoys a good morning run around the hutch, and likes to climb all the way to the top to survey his kingdom.



Jay is a handsome, mysterious shadow who is the most shy and reserved of the rabbits. You can look at him all you want, but touching is a no-no. He can usually be found laying in the hay at the bottom of the hutch. Give him a water bowl and he’s a happy bun.